liz bio pix Liz Scott born in Sydney Australia, grew up not only in Australia but spent time also living in Papua New Guinea , Guam & the UK. It was a school English assignment to write a song that awoken a natural ability to write songs at the tender age of just 13 years old. A few months later after this awakening Liz was encouraged to try her luck at submitting a very rough demo to the music labels in Australia at the time. It was the MD of BMG/RCA, Jim Shipstone, that realized Liz’s potential as a singer/songwriter so much so that she was immediately taken under wing and allowed to develop as a singer/songwriter and given every opportunity to allow her talents to grow. Liz credits Jim’s belief in her and encouragement back then and throughout the years as being who shaped and made her into the songwriter and artist she is emerging as today.

Determined to one day be the voice behind her songs Liz also began a journey with opera, classical & contemporary voice training which helped her to develop her unique voice & vocal ability.

Shortly after finishing high school Liz then signed to Albert’s Music in Australia then moved over to Rondor (Universal now in Australia) as a staff writer as Liz wanted to devote her time to focus entirely on songwriting at that point in her early career.

Liz wrote several songs for a number of Australian artists & groups that rose to the top of the Australian charts, including the song “Empty Room” released by an Australian girl group called “Bardot”, that featured Sophie Monk. “Empty Room” featured heavily on a record breaking TV reality show called “Popstars” and when it was released it received a double platinum status.

Another song Liz co-wrote was the chosen song for one of the climaxing episodes for the US TV sitcom series “Party Of Five”, with a song Liz co-wrote called “One Of Us Has Changed” sung by the Australian artist “Aleesha Rome”. This song remained at the top of the Australian charts for over 17 weeks which gave Liz a prestigious APRA nomination (Australian equivalent to a Grammy nomination).
Liz was then picked to represent Australia at the prestigious “Music Bridges” held in Goslar Germany. It was not Liz’s first time either at this prestigious international songwriting festival, as she was asked several years prior to attend a previous “Music Bridges” that took place in Bali. Liz got to network and write with some of the worlds best songwriters & artists and was encouraged to develop her own sound and style and so embarked on her own debut album. It was at the Germany “Music Bridges” that Liz caught the attention of the director of BMI NY whom felt she was such a talent that he chose to fly to Sydney Australia to sign her directly to BMI.

Through the help of BMI, Liz then signed with an independent label in NY and began to spend time residing in the USA. Her first single “Angel” was released in December 2008 in the USA with a second release in November 2009. It achieved a fulminate and exciting run on the Billboard Dance Club charts. Liz took a spot on the coveted Billboard Breakout for Hot Dance Club play and was chosen alongside the legendary Whitney Houston and David Guetta! The record was sitting pretty on the charts for over five weeks, even bumping out Miley Cyrus on her debut. The “Angel” remix package featured some of the most talented DJ’s and producers in the business, and the tracks have been given heavy play in clubs all over the world as people was given a taste of Liz. Liz’s next single made a debut in November 2009 with her Holiday single “Merry Christmas – the greatest gift on earth”.

“Princess” – Liz’s first full length album was released February 2010. The album had collaborations from some of the top composers in the world and reflects Liz’s unique voice; a combination of retro pop mixed with disco, funk, soul and classical elements. Her inspiring and heartfelt lyrics are very apparent throughout the album with notable songs featuring upbeat tracks; ‘White Knight’ and ‘Feels Like,’ as well as the impacting lyrics of ‘No Good For Me’ and ‘Drop by Drop.’ “By Your Side” – Liz’s next single, was released in March 2010 produced by the UK’s top producer/Djs “The BassMonkeys” . The single was played by high demand on the radio and in the clubs. It climbed to a #6 position in a popular top UK DJ/pop/dance chart.

In early 2011 Liz decided to make a more permanent move to NYC and was introduced to Bernadette O’Reilly. Bernadette made it possible for Liz to hook up with and begin writing and recording with Grammy nominated Songwriter & Producer Steve Addabboo. They both began collaborating at Steve’s downtown Manhattan Studio “Shelter Island Studios” in the later part of 2011.

Liz’s first single of the new album is titled “One Foot” representing the struggle of Liz’s journey over the past 4 years. Liz then teamed up with some of the DJ’s that had worked on her previous songs such as the KlubJumper’s, Luis Martinez and DJ SKillmaster to give the song a few different variations & flavors. Liz’s song “One Foot” has spent numerous weeks on the US Charts (via ZIP DJ & Kings of Spins) were it spent many weeks at #1. Liz’s “One Foot” Mixes can be purchased at Itunes & Beatport…

Liz’s follow up single to “One Foot” was a song she wrote called “Celebrate The Moment” that landed up on a prestigious Album called “WORLD PARTY COMPILATION” complied by DJ John D’Angelo and released through Toy Robot Records helmed by Jason Klein from Monster Taxi. This album compilation can also be found on iTunes and Beatport.

Liz’s latest single is titled “Sweet Love”  also has mixes produced by Sam Michaels, KlubJumpers, Luis Martinez, DJ Skillmaster & Patrick Ruanne. This single was released by ChillnBass Records in the UK. This single can be found on iTunes & Beatport.
Liz’s upcoming single is titled “At The Right Time” is due for release early February 2016…
To be continued…….